I Think The Global Warming Agenda is Socialism in Action

Global warming hasn’t happened since 1998.  In fact there has been some recent cooling going on.  The climate does change though – I don’t think anyone disagrees with that.  The usual point of disagreement is whether humans caused the global warming of the 1900’s.  I don’t think we did.  This is based on looking at some of the evidence:

1. The number of sun spots and sun radiation over the past 400 years correlates and leads temperatures on earth nicely.  The sun’s intensity tracks the warming from 1900 to 1940, then it decreases and so did the temperature until the 1970’s – remember the impending new ice age scares? – then it increased until 1998 and then leveled off.   Who would have thought that the big flaming ball of gass up in the sky would have a correlated effect on the earth’s (and other planets/moons) temperatures such that when there are more sun spots and more radiation coming from the sun, the earth gets hotter and when there are less sun spots and less radiation, the earth cools. Hmmmm.

2. There are at least four other planets/moons in our solar system that are also warming up – without humans on them.

3. The CO2 data used by the “Humans are causing global warming” folks does correlate with temperature, but the temperature goes up first, then the CO2 levels follow.  Cow farts, volcanoes, and the world’s oceans account for orders of magnitude more CO2 than all human activity combined!

4. Two other hotter periods than we see now occurred when there were no cars or other significant human sources of CO2.

5. There are huge political power gains by people who hate capitalism and the United States of America if the Global Warming Hoax is believed.  Ok, that one isn’t evidence, it’s motive.

I think item five above is the key to why we’re getting Global Warming – uh, I mean Climate change pushed on us so hard. It seems to me that socialists hiding in the now hijacked environmentalist movement are trying to tell everyone that capitalism is destroying the whole planet and therefore, they have the right to force us to slow down or stop altogether.

Just look at the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding government CO2 regulation.  Now people are lining up to force the EPA to start taking action to reduce CO2 being emitted by cars, coal burning, etc.  It’s all about people wanting to control other people rather than all of us controlling ourselves – and on top of that, it’s based on a political agenda instead of science!

Look, I believe we should all do a better job at turning off lights and seeking cleaner energy sources, but this should be of our own free will and should be done to clean up the air and to take care of the planet when it makes economic sense to do so.  It should not be compelled upon us in the name of some fake global warming scare.

If humans really were causing global warming then sure, go ahead and tell us what to do so we don’t wreck the planet. But since we’re not wrecking the planet as you say we are, knock it off!

“The Great Global Warming Swindle” is a nice documentary that discusses these issues quite well.  The YouTube version of it went away but the Google Video version is still there.  It has gone away and come back a few times so it may go away again.  Recently I have seen another video called “Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off” which has even more information.

Update: Apparently the number of sunspots has reached a 1000-year high just as the earth seems to be warming.  Hmmm.  The scientists in that article keep the global warming hoax alive though by injecting that “This trend is being amplified by gases from fossil fuel burning, they argue.”  Even though the upper altitudes are not warming as they should if the effects were from greenhouse gasses.

In 2003, the largest solar explosion ever recorded occurred too.  Hmmm.  It’s probably not related.

Whatever.  I’m so tired of this socialist “we’re so powerful that we’re causing global warming and can stop it if we stop the U.S.” propaganda.  Since the oceans give off hundreds of times as much CO2 as humans, maybe we should just make a huge tarp and cover the oceans instead.  Of course, that would not give politicians and socialists any extra power so nevermind.


7 thoughts on “I Think The Global Warming Agenda is Socialism in Action

  1. Cronk — You’re “right as rain” as they say on the farm. Thanks for posting at Bob McCarty Writes™. — Bob

  2. EDIT:

    If you truly believe that global warming is a hoax, then I urge you to read this. There are highly accredited scientific organizations from around the globe that do not dispute the science here.

    As far as the argument that the sun is the cause of our global warming, I offer this rebuttal: If the sun is causing our warming, then why are not ALL of the planets warming. Also, there is little gem I believe you should look at.

    On Earth, we have poles melting, surface temperature rising, tropospheric temperatures rising, permafrost melting, glaciers worldwide melting, CO2 concentrations increasing, borehole analysis showing warming, sea ice receding, proxy reconstructions showing warming, sea level rising, sea surface temperatures rising, energy imbalance, ice sheets melting, and stratospheric cooling, all of which leads us to believe the earth is undergoing global warming driven by an enhanced greenhouse effect.

    One Mars we have one spot melting, which leads us to believe that … one spot is melting.

    Forgive me for not being reassured.

  3. I think not.

    First off the producer of “The Great Global Warming Swindle” is a known Marxist, and a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

    Furthermore the concept of manmade global warming it’s attacked vehemently by Lyndon Larouche, another well known Communist.

    But more so, when you look at the evidence.

    1. Mars is warming, but NASA proved it’s merely planetwide duststorms changing the reflectivity (i.e. albedo) of the planet.

    3. The concept of hotter periods was proven wrong due to faulty science:

    2. In most cases warming is caused primarily by changes in solar output. Yes.
    5. The sunspots correlates very well, up until the past few decades. Then something weird happened.
    The temperature went up, but the solar activity stayed practically flat.

    As mentioned in your own linked article:
    “Over the past 20 years, however, the number of sunspots has remained roughly constant, yet the average temperature of the Earth has continued to increase.”

    6. And even Martin Durkin agrees that we’re the ones causing the rise in CO2 levels. (Even though he tried to confuse that point in the video)

    7. If you think capitalist heavyweights aren’t supporting CO2 regulation, you’d be wrong.
    Virtually every tech company, pension fund, or venture capital firm wants this to happen.

    Hell, even almost every major oil company asside from Exxon

    8. If you won’t listen to Democrats, then how about Newt Gingrich? Republican Former Senate Majoriety Leader.
    The guy who got the Republican congress majoriety to happen in the 1990s.

  4. sven – I agree that things were warming before 1998 – everybody agrees on that. The thing they don’t agree on is the main cause of it. I think it’s the sun since other planets are warming also, sunspot activity has been increasing for 100 years (except between 1940-1980) and is currently at a 1000-year high – and CO2 trails temperatures by 800 years. What do you think of those details? Do you have explanations for these conflicts?

    greyflcn – Thanks for all of the links. I’ll go check them all out and reply soon.

    My views can change – I’m not 100% sure of what the source of global warming is yet. My article expresses where I’m currently leaning. I appreciate other points of view to help me see a larger part of the picture. Thanks.

    In fact, I’d like the “Global Warming Swindle” folks to hook up with those who think it’s humans causing it and let them politely debate and work through the details so we can get closer to the truth.

  5. I’ve done some poking around and I’ll agree that Durkin does seem to be less trustworthy than I had originally assumed. My bad. And I agree that there are some errors and fudging that went on in the documentary. Shame on them.

    The overall general premise still needs to be addressed – ad hominem attacks aside – and there are still conflicting data out there.

    For example, the 2004 “1000-year high in sun activity” article goes against the graph you linked to that showed a correction in the past 10 years of sunspot activity. That graph showed higher levels in the 1930’s and 1940’s. So, is the 1000-year high article going off the bad graph data? Probably not since that graph appears to end around 1990 and the article was from 2004. Do you have any other data about this anomaly.

    I believe in conservation and taking care of the environment but we need to be doing it for the right reasons. Assuming human produced CO2 is causing global warming (which, since CO2 trails temperature changes, seems to be false) is a huge assumption with huge consequences and handing large amounts of power to globalist elites. If it’s true, then, sure – we need to do something about it – but it doesn’t seem true yet. Oceans, volcanoes, and rotting leaves give off more CO2 than humans yet we talk about reducing our CO2 emissions.

    My left eye for an unbiased objective gathering of all of this data into a peer reviewed and challenged and corrected report. I don’t think that’s what we have with the UN “consensus” report. Consensus told us the world was flat a long time ago and it ended up being wrong. Skepticism is what will bring us to the truth.

    I want people to be on both sides of this issue, checking each other’s data and conclusions. We’ll more likely get to the truth that way. Thanks for the additional views and data.

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