What can I say?  People have been talking about 9/11 since, well, 9/11.  There are so many websites that discuss it and so many heated arguments about it that it’s difficult to keep track.

 I started looking into it a few years ago and I found some interesting things.  I found that most people who say it was “an inside job” tend to keep repeating things that have been proven to be false.  They’re called “truthers” by some and “truth seekers” by themselves.

I’ve also found people who just trust the government blindly.  I think both groups are wrong.

I decided to ignore them all for a while and dig a little deeper.  I went to original sources for quotes, photos, testimonies, and other evidence.  I was amazed at what I found!  It wasn’t anything like what the “truthers” websites were saying.  I gathered all of this information up and almost did what everyone else seems to be doing – start my own website.  But then I found http://www.911myths.com/.  They had found most of what I had already found and more.  Then I found http://www.debunking911.com/.  They were also seemingly more honestly looking for the truth than the “truthers” were.

During my research, I also ran into Professor Steven Jones, formerly of BYU.  He and I have a mutual friend.  This mutual friend sent me a draft copy of Professor Jones’ paper.  Professor Jones was looking for reviews, so I emailed him with the facts that I had found that disagreed with his paper.  He wasn’t interested.  I have documented my interactions with him here.  It’s in four parts, so read them all.  There are links to the other parts at the end of each.

Then there are the reply videos to 9/11 conspiracy videos: “Screw Loose Change” is one of these and it covers a lot of ground on the details of the flaws in many of the “truther” theories.

I believe that we need to keep an eye on our government and keep them in check, just like the founding fathers of this country intended.  However, we’ve got to use some logic and scientific method as we do this, otherwise, we’ll just end up with a bunch of crackpots making stuff up and dividing the country.

P.S. We really did go to the moon, chem-trails are a hoax, and JFK was only shot by one man – and humans are not the main cause of global warming.  😛  I just thought I’d throw those in for fun since most of the “truthers” I’ve run into believe in the above conspiracy theories too.  I’m in the process of writing an article dealing with seeking truth and what gets in our way that I’ll publish some day.  It’s based on what I’ve encountered as I’ve discussed the above conspiracies with “truthers.”


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