Saddam, Taliban, Al Qaeda

I found a somewhat old (June 2006) article that links to many news stories and original documents captured in Iraq that claim to tie Saddam to the Taliban and Al Qaeda:

I had seen these documents before.  I am wondering why president Bush isn’t publishing a pamphlet containing these documents to hand out to anyone who is against the Iraq war.  Some say these documents don’t prove there was a link, others say they do.  If these documents (combined with U.S., British, and Russian intelligence about WMDs in Iraq) were on your desk as president after 9/11 and you took no action – given the information we had before us back then, not now – wouldn’t the general public lynch you?  It seems a lot of the argument about “Bush lied” deals with a 20/20 hindsight fallacy.

What do people think of these documents?  I’d like to hear from both sides of the issues.

Here is a summary of the links found in that article, for convenience:

Saddam’s Terror Ties
Bin Laden uses Iraq to plot new attacks
Case Closed
Iraqi funds, training fuel Islamic terror group
Second 9/11 Hijacker Tied to Abu Nidal, Iraq
Gunning for Saddam
The Saddam-Osama Memo
Saddam Hussein’s Philanthropy of Terror – warning: There are some graphic images on this link.
It’s All About 9/11: The president links Iraq and al Qaeda – and the usual suspects moan
Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties
The Mother of All Connections
Iraq & Militant Islam
Saddam’s Terror Training Camps

“Documenting Saddam’s Link to Terror”

“Terror Links to Saddam’s Inner Circle”

“Documents Support Saddam-Taliban Connection”

Apparently, the documents were taken down because they contained specifics about nuclear technology that some considered to be better than anything else that was out on the internet. – this is the group responsible for the documents.  There’s a link from there to the site that’s now been taken down. – This is a translation of Iraqi Intelligence Service Document #ISGZ-2004-009247 – Good old wikipedia…


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