Lights – LED, Fluorescent, Incandescent?

So, incandescent lights will be outlawed in the U.S. by 2014 and are energy inefficient. “They may warm the planet.”  Fine, whatever.

Fluorescent lights contain mercury. If a fluorescent light breaks, there are specific cleanup instructions that involve leaving the room for 15 minutes with the windows open and then you put contaminated materials in a sealed glass jar. If I have an infant, it is recommended that I consider cutting out the carpet in the breakage area and removing it. Ok.

LED lights are getting better and supposedly they are finding ways that will be ready for mass production in three years or so. Ok.

I have a mix of incandescent and fluorescent lighting in my house – trying to move to something more energy efficient mainly for the purpose of saving some money so I can go blow it on candy bars.

But now I learn that my cool new fluorescent bulbs are a hazard to my family and ironically, the environment. Some of them have burned out long before the promised 4 years or so of life so now I have the choice of going back to the old incandescents, replacing the hazardous waste fluorescent lights or look into LED technology that isn’t optimal and is expensive. Or I could leave the lights out and live in partial darkness while I wait for LED’s to catch up.

Oh, and I don’t like the government forcing me to switch even though I would do it anyway. The market would (and is) delivering cheaper and more efficient bulbs without the need to outlaw the old kind – especially since what they want us to move toward is hazardous to my health. Can’t people leave each other alone?

What are your plans for switching over? What are your views on legislating incandescent bulbs into extinction? Do you know of any really good normal-looking decently priced LED household lights?


One thought on “Lights – LED, Fluorescent, Incandescent?

  1. Yes, recently I discovered a new kind of LED. It is the “warm white” kind. Which is far superior to the traditional aqua white LED, and reveals alot more colors in a room.

    I look forward to LED lighting… especially with their 50,000 hour rating.

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