Saddam, Taliban, Al Qaeda

I found a somewhat old (June 2006) article that links to many news stories and original documents captured in Iraq that claim to tie Saddam to the Taliban and Al Qaeda:

I had seen these documents before.  I am wondering why president Bush isn’t publishing a pamphlet containing these documents to hand out to anyone who is against the Iraq war.  Some say these documents don’t prove there was a link, others say they do.  If these documents (combined with U.S., British, and Russian intelligence about WMDs in Iraq) were on your desk as president after 9/11 and you took no action – given the information we had before us back then, not now – wouldn’t the general public lynch you?  It seems a lot of the argument about “Bush lied” deals with a 20/20 hindsight fallacy. Continue reading



What can I say?  People have been talking about 9/11 since, well, 9/11.  There are so many websites that discuss it and so many heated arguments about it that it’s difficult to keep track.

 I started looking into it a few years ago and I found some interesting things.  I found that most people who say it was “an inside job” tend to keep repeating things that have been proven to be false.  They’re called “truthers” by some and “truth seekers” by themselves.

I’ve also found people who just trust the government blindly.  I think both groups are wrong. Continue reading