Proven:Government Spending Does Not Stimulate the Economy

A January 5th 2010 article from explains that government spending has been shown over the past decades to be incapable of stimulating the economy.  Unfortunately, we’ve had to endure repeated failed trials of this government spending theory instead of just using common sense that for every dollar you inject into the economy, you had to extract it from somewhere else or place the burden on future generations through borrowing.  And usually, the government trying it only counts the dollars spent and the jobs “created” while ignoring the jobs lost and the dollars confiscated.  Here’s an abstract of the article:

Abstract: Despite decades of repeated failure, President Obama and Congress continue to promote the myth that government can spend its way out of recession. Heritage Foundation economic policy expert Brian Riedl dispels the stimulus myth, lays out the evidence that government spending does not end recessions–and presents the evidence for what does end recessions. Hint: It’s not another “stimulus package.”

It’s kind of like pulling money out of the bottom of your piggy bank and then stuffing it back into the top and fooling yourself into believing that you just made a bunch of money.  Why is this so hard for some people?  Go read the article and enjoy some common sense.


On Socialism and Freedom

Socialism Illustrated

Socialism Illustrated


With all of the bailouts, automotive and bank takeovers, health-care reform, and wealth redistribution going on under the Obama administration lately, Socialism has become a popular topic.  I oppose Socialism because: 1) It doesn’t achieve its most important stated goals, 2) it is immoral and unchristian, and 3) for a bunch of other reasons (to be explained below).  First, let’s define some terms and then we’ll get to the details. Continue reading

A skeptics guide to “An Inconvenient Truth”

Here’s a rebuttal paper to Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvient Truth” (AIT).  Read the rebuttal, forward the link to people, pass it on.  I have heard that Mr. Gore is planning on doing a sequel to his first Oscar-winning movie, so I figured now is a good time to get some information out.  See also this other article I wrote on Global Warming that also has links to two counter-documentaries against AIT, pointing out its flaws as well.

Below is a summary from the above linked paper of some of the problems in Mr. Gore’s movie/book.  The paper itself goes into great detail on these topics and others:

Continue reading

Lights – LED, Fluorescent, Incandescent?

So, incandescent lights will be outlawed in the U.S. by 2014 and are energy inefficient. “They may warm the planet.”  Fine, whatever.

Fluorescent lights contain mercury. If a fluorescent light breaks, there are specific cleanup instructions that involve leaving the room for 15 minutes with the windows open and then you put contaminated materials in a sealed glass jar. If I have an infant, it is recommended that I consider cutting out the carpet in the breakage area and removing it. Ok.

LED lights are getting better and supposedly they are finding ways that will be ready for mass production in three years or so. Ok. Continue reading