Are You Prepared?

In this month’s Ensign, there was an article entitled, “Are You Prepared,” – Ensign, Aug. 2007, 30–33.  It contained references to several previous Ensign articles.  The internet version of this article didn’t have hyperlinks to these previous articles, so I figured I’d put together links for my own reference and for others too. Continue reading


A Personal Search for the Meaning of the Atonement

A speech by W. Cleon Skousen – “A Personal Search for the Meaning of the Atonement.”

This speech was given on December 18, 1980 at the invitation of Mission President Orville Matheny to over 200 missionaries at an all-mission conference of the Dallas, Texas mission.

Brother Skousen recorded in his journal, “There was such a marvelous spirit at the conference that I felt impressed to speak on the Atonement instead of the Christmas Story. I spoke for an hour and twenty-five minutes and it was a beautiful experience for me. President Matheny had arranged to have the talk video-taped as well as recorded so I took the time to give scriptural references for everything I said so the missionaries could look up the passages for themselves.” The DVD and mp3 versions of this talk are available for purchase.

The original transcript was done by Jim Harmston.  I have gone through and done some cleanup and added links.  The transcript of the speech follows:

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LDS Temple Marriages are Built to Last

Below is an article (archived source) from the Los Angeles Times, 8 April 2000 written by William Lobdell entitled “Holy Matrimony:In Era of Divorce, Mormon Temple Weddings Are Built to Last”. It talks about how divorce rates seem to be about the same among the various religions and groups except for one: Mormons who are married (sealed) in a Mormon Temple. The divorce rate for that group is stated as being about 6%.

I emailed the BYU professor quoted in the article, Daniel K. Judd, and asked him about the origin of the 6% statistic to which he replied: “The six percent I quoted was a combined statistic for LDS men and women, once sealed in the temple who had ever had a civil divorce.”

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