Save 10% on FL Studio!

I’ve been using FL Studio for a few years now to make techno and classical music (strange combination, I know).  I just found out that if I direct people to their site to purchase their products, the people I direct there through my link will save 10% and I’ll get some money for directing people there as well.  I think the coolest part of FL Studio is the Free Lifetime Upgrades.  You buy it once and for the rest of your life, you can upgrade to their newest releases for free.  I started back in FL Studio 6 or so and they’re at 9.7 now and they’ve made amazing improvements over the years.  Anyway, below are some graphics from their site and here’s the link you can click on that will take you to their site and get 10% off the regular price for anything you buy over $90.  Enjoy!  (Click the images below to enlarge.)


My music

I have been creating techno music for about a year.  It’s all free and located at  Go check it out, download it, listen to it, leave me a review, and even donate to the “diapers for the twins” fund that you can find in the blog at  I hope you like it, and if you don’t that’s fine too.  There’s plenty of other types of music at